Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dallas Stars' Poor Hockey Play: Where Is the Energy?

October 11, 2008

Every critic and fan of the Dallas Stars is wondering where the energetic team that went to the Conference Finals last year went. Where is the energy and grit that they use to break other teams in part?

The Dallas Stars are not playing opponents that many people are expecting to win a Stanley Cup, and they are playing poorly, making mistakes that they never make. On the Dallas Stars' official website, their captain Brenden Morrow describe their play better than anyone else can right now.

"It feels like we are not trusting or supporting each other, and we are leaving holes," captain Brenden Morrow said. "It's not a lack of effort. I think we are too anxious to make plays. We know the expectations and after not getting the result we wanted yesterday, we were trying to do too much. It's only two games, but we certainly want to be playing better than this."

Every fan in Dallas wants to see these Stars play better, or everyone can say goodbye to a Stanley Cup championship. This team needs to learn to not push the panic button at the wrong time and start working together, so that they can win like many us believe that they can do. We can't blame any players, but we can blame the team for their lack of willing to win.

This team needs to start believing in themselves and put together an awesome season so that they can have a chance at winning the Stanley Cup. I believe that they are better than this and will have a great chance at winning the Cup.

Marty Turco Soft in the Pipes for the Struggling Dallas Stars

By Melissa Grissom

October 16, 2008

Is Marty Turco really soft in the pipes for the struggling Dallas Stars who can't find a way to win a game?

I don't believe that he is because he is not getting the support that he got last year when the Stars could find ways to score and play that tough defense that other teams hate to play against.

Where is that acrobatic goalie that we saw in the playoffs? Is Marty ever going to pull an a game performance? Or he is going to continue to play like he is now? I am hoping that Turco can prove to me that he can win some games and put out some key stops so that the Stars can start scoring more goals.

Brenden Morrow, his close friend and the team captain, needs to show Turco that they can win as a team and not put any pressure on Marty Turco. I want to see Turco prove to me that he is not soft in the pipes and prove to me that he is can win games for the Stars when they need them.

Dallas Stars: Breakdown After Breakdown

by Melissa Grissom

November 1, 2008

The mistakes are all around the ice. The turnovers are causing frustration and anger from the Dallas Stars. The lapses and odd man rushes in the defensive zone are causing goal after goal. The power plays that the Stars did so well at last year, are lackluster and not working to help them get the momentum in the game.

These simple tasks are even hard for the Stars to understand. Stop if you have heard any of these problems before with the Dallas Stars. If they do not fix these mistakes, this team will not make the playoffs and win that Stanley Cup that many people have been predicting this season.

Should they fire Dave Tippett this season? No, because he is not the cause of these breakdowns in the Stars system.

Should they find a respectable backup that can win games for Marty Turco when he is in a slump? Yes, because Tobias Stephan, the Stars rookie goalie is not getting it done. And a veteran backup behind Marty will push him to earn the No. 1 spot.

Should they force Brenden Morrow to give away the "C" on his jersey? No they should not, because he is the heart and soul of the team and the main reason why they got so far last season.

Many questions need to be answered before they spiral down to a new low. They should not wait for Sergei Zubov and Jere Lehtinen to help them break out of this slump, because last year they were able to do it without those two in the lineup.

I think Dave Tippett needs to talk to every player and break down every mistake they have made. I think Marty Turco needs to make key saves when the defense breaks down.

Last but not least, Brenden Morrow needs to stop taking dumb penalties and lead the team like he did last year, with amazing leadership and game momentum goals that change the game around.

These Dallas Stars need to overcome adversity in order to make the playoffs. Many fans believe that they can.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 2011-2012 Dallas Stars Roster

by Melissa Grissom

The Dallas Stars Roster has changed up for the new reason and the biggest change is losing number one center Brad Richards to the New York Rangers as he signed a nine-year contract worth $60 million but they were very active in the free agency world by signing Michael Ryder, Radek Dvorak, Vernon Fiddler, Jake Dowell and Eric Goddard in the forward position while toughing up their defense with the signing of Adam Pardy and Sheldon Souray. This team will be different but I see a big season from them.

So here is a brand new look for your 2011-2012 Dallas Stars Roster.

13 Barch, Krys RW/LW 6-2 210  Hamilton, Ontario
14 Benn, Jamie LW/C 6-2 205 Victoria, British Columbia
16 Burish, Adam RW 6-0 189  Madison, Wisconsin

6 Daley, Trevor D  5-11 207 Toronto, Ontario
11 Dowell, Jake C 6-0 202 Eau Claire, Wisconsin

20 Dvorak, Radek RW 6-2 200  Tabor, Czechoslovakia
21 Eriksson, Loui RW 6-1 190 Goteborg, Sweden

38 Fiddler, Vernon LW/C 5-11 201  Edmonton, Alberta
28 Fistric, Mark D 6-3 234 Edmonton, Alberta
18 Godard, Eric RW 6-4 211  Vernon, British Columbia
33 Goligoski, Alex D 5-11 180 Grand Rapids, Minnesota

2 Grossman, Nicklas D 6-3 214 Stockholm, Sweden
32 Lehtonen, Kari G 6-4 215 Helsinki, Finland
10 Morrow, Brenden LW 5-11 207 Carlyle, Saskatchewan

29 Ott, Steve C/LW 6-0 195  Summerside, Prince Edward Island
27 Pardy, Adam D 6-2 206 Bonavista, Newfoundland

17 Petersen, Toby C/LW 5-10 200 Minneapolis, Minnesota
30 Raycroft, Andrew G 6-0 185 Belleville, Ontario
63 Ribeiro, Mike C 6-0 180 Montreal, Quebec

3 Robidas, Stephane D 5-11 195 Sherbrooke, Quebec
73 Ryder, Michael RW 6-0 192 St. John's, Newfoundland
44 Souray, Sheldon D 6-4 233 Elk Point, Alberta
23 Wandell, Tom C 6-1 183 Sodertalje, Sweden

I will be updating this blog when training camp starts on September 14, 2011. I am hoping to have a better view of training camp roster when it comes closer.