Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Road Loss for The Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars need to learn start winning on the road. I mean come on…most teams can win on the road and we can’t. These road games have been brutal for the Stars and I hope they find a way to win on the road so that they can make the playoffs and help bring the Cup back to Dallas Stars nation.

I have a few players that need to step up:


Brenden Morrow, the Dallas Stars heart and soul. He was missed during last year and he needs to lead this team to a road victory. He can step up by making sure his teammates are not making a mistake. He can show the young guns on what is important in a win. He can show the rookies what is right from wrong. He is the captain and a leader. A captain is most important during a road victory.


Marty Turco, the goalie and savior of the Dallas Stars. Last year, he had the worst season I have ever seen and this year, I am expecting him to do better. He needs to make key saves and help this team to a road victory. They always say that a goalie makes or breaks the game. If Turco doesn’t do well in the season and lead them to the playoffs, he won’t be seen in a Stars uniform next year.  He needs to step up and lead the Stars to wins.

The captain and goalie are the two most important people during a road victory. Let’s hope that the Stars learn to win and work together on the road or it will be a long summer.

Another edition of the Richards Corner, thanks for reading and look for a new article in a few weeks as I will do some more Stars profiles.