Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brenden Morrow Profile

Brenden Morrow #10 Profile morrowprofile

January 16, 1979 in Carlyle, Saskatchewan

9 season in the NHL

Dallas Stars/Left Wing/Captain

5’11”, 205

Shoots: Left

Drafted 25th overall by the Dallas Stars in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft

Last Year: 18 games, 5 goals and 10 assists

Missed 64 games due of the regular season due to a torn Right ACL in his right knee

Scouting Report


  • Knows how to handle the physical game and is a natural leader. Will pay the price to score goals and also has sound defensive qualities.


  • Is not a natural finisher, and will occasionally miss easy scoring chances. Has to avoid taking bad penalties. His physical style can lead to injury.

Career Potential

  • Power forward and leader.


Brenden Morrow is the heart and soul of the Dallas Stars. When he was out last year, the Stars struggle without him and they didn’t have the energy like they had in the 08 playoff run. He brought the energy that the team needed during that long playoff run. If the Stars were not injured, I think the Stars would have made it past the third round and won the cup. That’s my opinion.

Morrow is the best captain cause he stands up for his teammates and make sure that the other team pays for what they did by scoring the important goals. He is what you need in a leader.  Leader, teammate and most of all when he talks, his teammates listen. He has a warrior type attitude that many leaders have and has that determination that many players desire. He has the ability to dominate shifts, games and make an impact for the Dallas Stars. That and his work ethic certainly gets noticed by everybody else.

Brenden Morrow is still growing into the position of being the captain and he will one day lead this team to a Stanley Cup.