Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dallas Stars' Poor Hockey Play: Where Is the Energy?

October 11, 2008

Every critic and fan of the Dallas Stars is wondering where the energetic team that went to the Conference Finals last year went. Where is the energy and grit that they use to break other teams in part?

The Dallas Stars are not playing opponents that many people are expecting to win a Stanley Cup, and they are playing poorly, making mistakes that they never make. On the Dallas Stars' official website, their captain Brenden Morrow describe their play better than anyone else can right now.

"It feels like we are not trusting or supporting each other, and we are leaving holes," captain Brenden Morrow said. "It's not a lack of effort. I think we are too anxious to make plays. We know the expectations and after not getting the result we wanted yesterday, we were trying to do too much. It's only two games, but we certainly want to be playing better than this."

Every fan in Dallas wants to see these Stars play better, or everyone can say goodbye to a Stanley Cup championship. This team needs to learn to not push the panic button at the wrong time and start working together, so that they can win like many us believe that they can do. We can't blame any players, but we can blame the team for their lack of willing to win.

This team needs to start believing in themselves and put together an awesome season so that they can have a chance at winning the Stanley Cup. I believe that they are better than this and will have a great chance at winning the Cup.

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