Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marty Turco Soft in the Pipes for the Struggling Dallas Stars

By Melissa Grissom

October 16, 2008

Is Marty Turco really soft in the pipes for the struggling Dallas Stars who can't find a way to win a game?

I don't believe that he is because he is not getting the support that he got last year when the Stars could find ways to score and play that tough defense that other teams hate to play against.

Where is that acrobatic goalie that we saw in the playoffs? Is Marty ever going to pull an a game performance? Or he is going to continue to play like he is now? I am hoping that Turco can prove to me that he can win some games and put out some key stops so that the Stars can start scoring more goals.

Brenden Morrow, his close friend and the team captain, needs to show Turco that they can win as a team and not put any pressure on Marty Turco. I want to see Turco prove to me that he is not soft in the pipes and prove to me that he is can win games for the Stars when they need them.

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